Balancing Traditional Real Estate Marketing and Digital Marketing

We can start off with a guess and say, that you probably set down, quite a few times, to research the marketing options for real estate, and you saw that there are many options, with the choice being really hard to make.


And yes it is, some claim that the best way is to do it via blogs, other think that it is better to use social media and promote that way. There are also those who would suggest you to send out some symbolic things with your logo, to your possible customers, for example, pencils, magnets or even calendars – Magnets East, does a great job in creating those.

So supposing that you are overwhelmed with options that you have, we will try to break down this whole situation so you can actually understand what is happening, and make that decision.

Basically, when we are talking about marketing, especially in the real estate industry, you have two main options: traditional and digital. When we talk about the older, traditional one, we mostly mean marketing via prints, broadcast media, or telemarketing.  With digital marketing, we are likely to include websites, social networks, banner/Google ads, and video marketing.

While the pros of the traditional one are mostly already proven techniques are bringing out the content understandable for the audience, digital ones are mostly cheaper due to the efficiency you get, and you can get a direct response from the targeted group.

Honestly, our thinking is that this debate over which is better is pretty banal. You see, you have to think in the way of which one does your concrete business better, considering the budget you have, and looking at what might work better for your target group (researching are they more on the internet or traditional information).

We have to accept, that the magnets that you once sent, might not be as conventional and efficient, as social media marketing, because on average USA citizen, probably logs into FB (14 times a day), much more than he looks at the fridge.

People simply focus less on physical, and more on digital things. Still, if you are belonging to market, where traditional methods are still working, then even better.

Looking further into digital marketing, it is nonsense to claim that it cannot be combined with traditional one. It very well could, with same content being provided both in physical and digital form for the best experience.

Still, you have to give one of the two ways a bit of advantage. So for example if your videos, posts or shares are not getting enough reach from the audience that you targeted, maybe as well you could switch and try some traditional techniques, while still supporting it with digital methods, for example promoting your campaigns or presentations, that will actually happen in nearby place.

What we are trying to say, is that each one of the options has its own ways, in reaching out the people, and although there is a rise of digital marketing, it does not mean that it is the better way. Just start thinking about what your customers need and what results are you aiming for, and not to be a mediocre, heading to that pitfall, where marketing is needlessly divided. Try things out, wait some time to see the results.

If they are what you wanted, keep on with that marketing strategy, and give in some percent of the other one as well, and you will do very well, in search to achieve the ultimate balance and success.

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